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Ci sto prendendo gusto a condividere con altri studenti all'estero pensieri sull'università e sul proprio futuro. Sarà che sono leggermente fissato con le tematiche legate all'educazione ;).


Questa settimana vi presento Andrea, mio coinquilino e badante in Cina. Non vorrei usare troppe parole a descriverlo, quindi ho deciso di farvelo conoscere proponendovi il video della sua esperienza in Africa, esperienza fatta in Tanziania, come scrive lui, e Malawi. Ah, questa volta siamo passati all'inglese, perché Andrea vuole fare il figo e io prima o poi vorrei passare all'inglese.  Farò che a seconda del tema alternerò lingua, anche perché l'italiano ha molti più colori da proporre e non è comprensibile allo straniero medio. :)


I am Andrea and I live in Hamburg since the beginning of October. I am currently attending the second year of a Joint Msc in Global Innovation Management. This Master's is a joint program between the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) and the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. Therefore, last year I lived in Glasgow in shiny Scotland!
Is this study experience the first one in a foreign country?
Before Glasgow and Hamburg I lived for one year in Guangzhou, in China, as an exchange student of a program between the University of Padua, where I was getting my Bachelor's, and the Guangzhou University.
Did you take part in the Erasmus program or in other exchange agreement?
I took part in a cultural exchange program of the University of Padua.
What do you think about living in a foreign country?
Leaving abroad is "love and hate" (amore e odio), as Italian would say. On one hand life is always vibrant, stimulating and rich of surprises everyday. Meeting new people, visiting new places, talking in different languages make you feel amazingly alive. Also encountering and dealing with people from different cultures, from warm South America, to free and innovative USA all the way to kaleidoscopic fascinating Asia opens your mind and increase your ability of understanding human beings and their behaviour.
On the other hand, everything is pretty much passing and flying away in a blink of an eye, and after a long period abroad you feel like you need to recharge your batteries, have some stability and you miss your roots and familiar environment. The one where you grew up.
What do you miss from Italy?
Of Italy, I mostly miss the food, walking around breathtaking architectures, listening to people who argue and talk, and each whisper is in my mother language. I miss the weather, the countryside where I was born and....last but not least.....beautiful and delicate Italian girls.
What do you not miss from Italy?
What I don't miss at all, is the Italian narrowness of mind, average ignorance, and the ability to create new problems instead of solving the existing ones.
Why did you decide on studying abroad?
To try new experiences, challenge myself and to improve my CV and have something different from the average graduated people from my country.
Which are the positive feature of a foreign university and of a university in Italy?
Pros of university abroad....zero bureaucracy, payments of tuition fees are made on-line, the professors know the you are a student but first of all that you are a customer of the university and they try hard to make your learning experience as great as they can. University prepares you for the world of work, the study is active and interactive, project based and problem based learning are used a lot. Team working, problem solving and leadership skills are developed during these projects.
Pros of university in Italy.....is in my mother language.....that's it
What's your opinion on the italian university and our country?
Italian university should go hand in hand with companies, this is the only way for both of them to be successful at a local and international level. About our country, in my opinion, the opportunistic behaviour of every person together with the lack of social responsibility are the main factors that are causing Italy to collapse.
Are you planning to come back to Italy after your graduation?
Yes, after getting my Master's degree I will come back to my home country to settle down and continuing building my future.

谢谢 你的 帮助 安德烈!;)

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