Mop dog, political crisis and squirrels

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The last weekend I went to a “house warming party”. To what? Yes, I never heard this saying either. It isn’t a party about global warming  or something that ended with a house in flames [unfortunatly], but in plain words it is a party for showing your new flat, villa, apartment to your friends. An italian easy-minded like me will call it party, dinner or “serata” (evening), but Swedish and Nepalese people are more sophisticated! ;)

[Making enemies in Sweden, you are doing it right!]

You know that Italians can have a little delay. Little. On the contrary, Swedes take in high esteem punctuality. So, I arrived with only two minutes of delay. I’ve been the first. And I was there thinking “aaah ah so there are some exceptions”. Parties are the exceptions. Next time I will be more Italian and I will listen to Italian friend.

For the no italian reader. Marip: Delay at the parties is a duty. For the no italian reader. Marip: Delay at the parties is a duty.

The party has been really nice [captatio benevolentiae, in english, I just learned is “winning of goodwill”] and people too.

At the party I talked a lot. I have this problem indeed: in thirty minutes I can have a clever speech, but more than one weird talks. So, I started discussing if the swedish squirrels go or not in hibernation. There were different ideas that night, so now I googled it and "No, squirrels do not hibernate, but they do sleep a lot!" [I found the answer in this website: (I'm really afraid of PLAGIARISM also here)].

Then, I made the conversation converge on the political crisis of the Swedish government [this was the clever one]. Swedes are really proud to be the forerunner in the demographic and family transitions, I'm not so proud to come from the country in which most of the governments ended before their time [I'm purposely not clear in this passage, because I didn't find unanimous data on the internet]. However, Swedes elected the new government in September, but they're going to new elections in March. The lasts disagreement were on the budget, but the fact is that the 13% of the population voted for the Sweden Democrats, which has been several times tagged like neo-fascist party. One of the Swedes that night said that he is disappointed from all the politician [pare detta da un'italiano questa frase] and it is an easier and also unpredictable solution this one of new election. We will see!

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And last but not least, I presented to many nationalities the so called mop dog or "mocio dog".

Be grateful.


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Everyone have to see the mop dog. Everyone have to see the mop dog.

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